Ration Challenge!

KR Merchandise:

Update: A total of $439 was raised during the Ration Challenge from donations and sales! Thank you to all those who bought and sponsored! Even though the challenge has finished, we will still donate 50% of profits from the KR Merchandise to Act for Peace because they continue to help many refugees around the world!


A lot of Syrian refugees have been displaced from their homes due to war. Many have sought refuge from Jordan. Even though they are away from war, it is difficult for them to rebuild their lives since they are not allowed to work as an attempt to preserve local jobs. This means that they have to rely on organizations such as Act for peace who provide them with items for basic needs i.e food and medicine packs etc.

The Ration Challenge explained:

Participants have to eat the same amount of food as a Syrian refugee for a whole week whilst fundraising.  KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER FOR 7 DAYS.

Rations include: 2kg rice, 170g red lentils, 500g cooking oil, 400g red kidney beans, 125g sardines, 85g chick peas. Participants can earn rewards such as 8 tea bags if they raise $200.

To help these beautiful people, one of our models will be representing KR and doing the  challenge. The goal is to raise $1,200 which will provide some Syrian women with a training course that teaches them how to make handicrafts to sell. We are supporting her by donating 50% of the profits made from the KR merchandise collection.

You can help raise money for these people by buying KR merchandise or donate directly to the fundraising page.

Like Langelihle, our makeup artist said: "YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING!" Pay it forward and help someone out!

To learn more about Act for Peace and the Ration challenge visit: