Meet the KR team

If you are interested in the services of any of our team members feel free to contact them directly or email us. You will not regret it! Also if you would like to join the team, we are always looking for motivated, focused,reliable and hardworking people to join us. If that is you contact us on 




Feranmi Taiwo

Hello, I am Feranmi!

I am a photographer at KudaRachel. I am based in Perth and I have been doing photography for almost 4 years now. It is one of my passions. Photography for me isn't just about having a visually pleasing image but also communicating a story and producing something with meaning, something that's worth while. I love to capture those little moments that are often over looked and bring them to life!

Being able to work along side my best friend and the awesome team to bring the KR accessories to life was an amazing experience! I loved it. I am so thankful for the opportunity!

If you want to see more of my work have a look at my instagram: @ftp.jpg

For any other inquiries, contact me on   


Kelsey Grant 

 Hello there, Kelsey here!

I am a Perth based photographer with the vision of telling stories and inspiring the world through my work. Capturing the beauty of life is my one goals and I was so privileged to do just that whilst working with KudaRachel. I had such an amazing experience; the team was so professional, and I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside my best friend Feranmi! Being able to bring the KR ideas to life through photos is an experience I'll never forget!

To have a look at more of my work, head over to my instagram page @kelseygrant.  For booking inquiries feel free to email me at

   Makeup Artist

Langelihle Mahlangu



My name is Langelihle and I am so happy to be a make-up artist at KudaRachel.

My greatest joy from doing people's makeup is seeing my clients' reactions when they see their transformation! Beauty is skin deep and so makeup should never be used to 'cover up," instead it should be used to enhance the already established natural beauty you have!

My life motto is "blessed to be a blessing". I believe that if God has blessed you with a talent, DO NOT shy away and hide it from people,  rather use it to bless others!  

I have a youtube channel where I share makeup looks, do challenges, tags and vlogs. In my vlogs people get to see how me, my family and friends do life together! Youtube is a platform where I can express myself freely and share my walk with God! Please click the following link to visit my channel.

If you have a function coming up soon and would like your makeup done; feel free to email me on for booking inquiries. 





Lisa Gundani

Hello I'm Lisa!

I love fashion and being in front of  the camera! It was an absolute pleasure to model some of the KR designs and I had so much fun doing it! I would definitely like to continue modelling for KudaRachel, as well as anyone who requires models whether it is for a  project, a business or anything of the likes. For booking inquiries feel free to contact me on my email: and my Instagram: @lisagundani. 


Hello, I am Marco!

I had such a great time working for KudaRachel, would do it again and again!

If you are looking for someone to model your products, feel free to contact me on the following platforms:

Instagram: marcobugler_22      Email:


Michael Kabondo better known as Michael Kay, is a singer-songwriter. He is currently at university and in his spare time enjoys socialising and watching movies. To get to know more about him subscribe to his YouTube channel: Michael and Jake TV, and follow him on Instagram (@iammichaelkay) to stay updated on any of his musical adventures.